St. Louis Pork Spare Ribs

St. Louis Pork Spare Ribs

$10 (3 Bones) | $19 (1/2 Rack) | $32 (Full Rack)

Slow smoked for about 5 hours to bring out a succulent and juicy texture.  Dry-rubbed with our secret blend of world-famous, award-winning seasoning blend.

Sauce has a great balance of pepper and tangy.  You add the sauce you want.

BBQ Sauces:

Arkansauce – House sauce that we put on every plate before it goes out.  The first suace we ever created and the most popular with customers.  Well-balanced: tangy with a hint of sweetness.  Goes with any of our meats.

Spicy Arkansauce – Same as the house sauce, but we add Ghost chilies to give it a nice, but not too hot.

Dam’ Hot Arkansauce – House sauce with an extra dose of ghost chilies and Trinidan Scorpion chilies – two of the hottest peppers in the world.   CAUTION: Get ready, this one is really Dam’ Hot.


Mama’s Sweet D-licious Sauce – Great on brisket & pulled pork.  In a base of brown sugar, provides a slightly sweeter, tangy palette that goes well with white meats.

Sweet Country Girl Sauce – Carolina Mustard-based sauce that goes great with pork.

Carolina Vinegar Sauce – Carolina vinegar-based sauce that adds and extra tangy kick, with a nice bite.  Goes well with pork & chicken.